How Possessions Can Take Control

One aspect of our consumer society according to Mark Huffman, a consumer news reporter for since 2004, is that we tend to always buy things like food and beverages – things we consume on a daily basis and replace. But, for some people, they acquire things, even useless ones, and tend to accumulate them in their house. These people are called hoarders or pack rats. They can’t seem to part with their possessions even if they are of no value.

Hoarding is also called compulsive hoarding and compulsive hoarding syndrome and is a very real and serious emotional impairment according to psychologists. Because hoarders don’t consider it a problem, clinicians are having a hard time getting a lot of insight on what’s going on. Hoarders may collect things that other people may consider worthless like junk mail and newspapers. They also collect consumer items that no longer work and piles of clothes that they couldn’t wear.

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