Worst Case of Hoarding in Vegas

Officials in Las Vegas are calling it the worst case of hoarding disorder that they have ever seen.  They were referring to the home of one Kenneth Eppstein, after they have started clearing the house of debris and junk.  Eppstein has now been living with his hoard for several years.

They found the house stacked with so much junk that they had to remove the door from its hinges in order for them to make an entrance to the dwelling. They found the fridge overflowing with rotting food and there were several cats among the debris.

Here is a portion of an article that appeared on the Dailymail.co.uk, “

Armed with a court-signed abatement warrant, Las Vegas officials began hauling away items from Kenneth Epstein’s home on Friday after they found materials stacked from floor to ceiling inside and declared it uninhabitable.

‘It’s a very tragic situation, but it’s also tragic for the neighbors,’ Councilman Stavros Anthony said.

City spokesman David Riggleman said Epstein, 55, had created a space for himself to crawl on top of the materials, but wouldn’t have been able to walk upright in the house at the Sun City Summerlin retirement community.

Last week, building code officials went to the home but couldn’t enter because there was so much stuff blocking the door. They had to take the door off the hinges to enter.

Riggleman said ten truckloads of stuff were removed by Saturday afternoon and the cleanup continued Sunday. In all, a private removal company was working with officials to remove about 15 truckloads of materials.

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