Signs Indicating That You May Be a Hoarder

If you think that your “pack rat” condition is so terrible because you have large piles of magazines or CDs in your room or tons of dresses inside your closet, a hoarder’s condition can be worse than that. When a person is suffering from a hoarding disorder, his or her house may not be suitable as a living space anymore.

Hoarding is more than just having a large collection of anything. A hoarder not only collects valuable items. He or she also ends up collecting piles of trash. A hoarder gets too possessive of these things that it’s hard for him or her to let go of them.

It’s not easy to have a hoarder at home as the behavior may create friction among family members especially when the problem becomes too much to handle. If you think that you, a friend, or a family member has the tendency to hoard, watch out for the 11 signs which can be found here.

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