Looking into the Mystery of Gadget Hoarding

We commonly hear news about animal hoarding cases, or people who ‘collected’ all the mails and newspapers they have ever received until they had no choice but sleep on their roofs or porches. However, there’s a new kind of hoarding that’s starting to taking over the business and some call it ‘gadget hoarding’.

  • Sometimes, with all the chaos caused by the countless gadgets and accessories that we own, we don’t realize how much in excess we actually have. By organizing all the USB devices and chords on your work space, you may be able to sort out which ones should stay, and which ones ought to go.
  • While we all want to be at the very peak of these days’ latest technology, switching from one gadget to another as soon as a new model comes out is perhaps among the most unwise choices that tech-savvy individuals make today. Instead of pushing to buy the newest phone or game console, consider updating what you currently have to maximize its use.
  • Some people may tag themselves as collectors, treasuring all their mobile phones from the very first models that they have ever used, treating them as antiques, and hoping to sell them for higher prices in the future. However, while this may be a sound endeavor, there are only too many gadgets that you can own until to start losing precious space for more important belongings.
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