Invisible Clutter: Digital Hoarding

Invisible Clutter Digital HoardingOver the past few years, a new kind of hoarding has emerged that’s less visible and isn’t as tangible as the kind of hoarding we’re familiar with. Digital hoarding, as stated in the name itself, is the accumulation of everything digital and the inability to delete these files for fear that they may come in handy in the future or that they may go to waste when not in storage. Although similar to the typical type of hoarding, this kind of clutter accumulation may be even harder to correct as there are no obvious cues that can signal friends, relatives or even health care professionals that a person is a hoarder.

“Digital clutter doesn’t beget mice or interfere with walking around the house,” says Kit Anderson, past president of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. This does not mean, however, that they do not constitute clutter. The more you save, the more it gradually slows down your hardware. Individual computers get clogged up. In offices, servers and networks slow down as they become bloated with information.
For more on digital hoarding, read the full article here.

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