Hoarding and House Fire: There’s Definitely a Connection!

A fire that erupted in a home in Olathe,Kansas has proven that there is DEFINITELY a connection between hoarding and house fires. What’s the connection? For starters hoarding could it make fires worse.

The fire fighters who had to deal with the blaze in the Kansas home said that the clutter that they found inside the house made it impossible for them to work in the inside of the dwelling. They were forced to fight the fire from the outside, which reduced their effectiveness greatly.

It turned out that the owner of the house is suffering from a bad case of hoarding and has the place deep in junk. The fire fighters were confronted with the stuff and they did not try to enter it because of the hazard posed by the clutter.

The fire fighters say that the problem is common. The clutter can make a house fire even more dangerous because it can make it hard for a person to get out if there is an emergency.

Jason M. Vaughn and Macradee Aegerter wrote an article about this on the website of Fox News in Kansas. You can check it out here.

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