Hoarding: An Entirely Different Disorder

Hoarding: An Entirely Different DisorderFor years it has been assumed, even by experts, that hoarding is just another form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Recent discoveries and research however has proven that it is something entirely different. A study that was conducted shows that those who suffer from hoarding show a different brain pattern when making decisions, as compared to those who have OCD.

This throws out of the window, the previous assumptions that have been made about hoarding. The truth is that there has been very little formal study of the disorder, so results like these are really bound to be discovered.

Here is a part of an article by SYDNEY LUPKIN for ABC News, “”A hoarder is not a pack rat. A hoarder is not a slob. A hoarder is not lazy,” Dr. Jeff Szymanski, the executive director of the International OCD Foundation, told ABCNews.com after he read the study. “A part of their brain doesn’t work the way your brain works.”

Dr. David Tolin and his team at the Institute of Living in Hartford, Conn. used brain imaging (fMRI) to test how 107 people reacted when asked whether they wanted to keep a piece of junk mail or discard it. Sometimes, it was junk mail that belonged to the patient, and sometimes, it belonged to someone else. Forty-three participants had hoarding disorder and another 31 had OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, according to the study.”

You can read the full article here.

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