Decluttering Your Home: Tips for Selling Items

Sometimes the reason people have so many accumulated stuff is that they just don’t know what to do with them. And even if these items no longer have use, people find reasons to keep them bt saying they have value or may be useful someday.

Don’t get caught up, it’s time to let go of these items by selling or donating them. If you want to get some of your money back, try selling them on eBay, Craigslist, garage sales or other venues. According to, here are some things to take note of before putting them up on the market:
  • Items need to be in excellent condition in order to sell.
  • Sell large items that are in very good condition or smaller items that are as good as new.
  • Look at similar items for sale and price accordingly.
  • Be willing to accept less than you want for an item.

If they don’t catch the eye of anyone, you should just opt to donate them rather than taking them back into your home. After all, you just want them out of sight.

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I am so impressed with the job that Gregg and Karen did for my aunt's home. Not only did they take the time to explain thorougly what they were going to do, but they did EXACTLY as they promised.

We never expected to get the sales price for the house that we ended up getting. If you had seen my aunt's home before they started, you would know why. By the time the job was done, the house looked totally transformed.

Needless to say... I highly recommend their services!

Nancy G.
Randolph, New Jersey