10 Helpful Things to Say to a Hoarder

10 Helpful Things to Say to a HoarderA hoarding disorder doesn’t only affect the person, it takes its toll on the people living with them. Not only do they have to constantly live with a lot of clutter, their relationships with the hoarders are also affected. Telling the person that he or she has a hoarding disorder will not only be confronted with denial, it can end up causing arguments that may later lead to a strained relationship.

When helping a person resolve a hoarding problem, you can use these lines below to encourage the person to “declutter”:
  • “I know this is hard for you.”
  • “Let me know how I can help.”
  • “You don’t have to fix this problem overnight.”
  • “Let’s find ways to simplify the process.”
  • “Don’t look at the big picture. Take baby steps.”
  • “When you get overwhelmed, take a break and remember your goal is to live a healthier life.”
  • “We are a team!”
  • “Help me understand where you have the most difficulty.”
  • “What things are important to you in your home?”
  • “Let me know how I can best support you; you are in charge of how this process of decluttering goes.”

For more tips on helping a hoarder, click here.

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