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More Resources for Hoarders

After a recent study on small, low-income SROs in Vancouver, a professor at the University of British of Columbia called for more resources to help people who are suffering from hoarding disorder. According to professor Sheila Woody, a coordinated system is needed to help hoarders recover from their condition. Woody was also quick to point […]

A Warning about Fire Dangers Associated with Hoarding

Just recently, the Kern County Fire Department has warned hoarders about the fire dangers that come with their accumulated stuff. In the last few weeks, the said fire department has responded to fire at three hoarder homes. And because of too much clutter, residents were blocked from escaping their homes during the fire incident. According […]

Significant Increase in Hoarding Cases

According to Matt Paxton of the TV show “Hoarders”, insurance agents today face a growing number of potential hoarding situations. What is worse is that health issues as well as structural damage have made insurance claims related to fire or water damage more complicated. And because of the horrifying cases that Paxton has seen in […]

Hoarding as Seen in the Public Eye

While hoarding has long been considered a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder, Dr. Kelvin Ng says such mental illnesses can actually occur in groups of people who have no developmental disorders. According to Dr. Ng, people are suffering from hoarding disorders are those individuals who have experienced loss in the past. Such phase in their lives […]

Tips on How to Build a Stone Path

Stone path is an inexpensive way to add a distinct look to your curb appeal. If you are able to build the stone path well, then certainly it will last for a long time. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you build the stone path you have been dreaming of. You can […]

Tips on How to Lay Top-notch Tiles

Learning how to set your own tile can definitely save you a lot of money. If you are building your own home and would like to do the job right the first time, here are some tips on how to lay top-notch tiles and get the best results. Make sure to level the floor by […]

Bondi Hoarders Home to Be Sold at Auction

In order to recover cleanup costs as well as legal fees, the Bondi hoarders home is being sold at auction. According to the New South Wales Sherriff’s Office, the proceeds should be able to cover the estimated $160,000 worth of legal fees and other costs. The buyer’s guide is set at $2 million dollars and […]

Significant Increase in Animal Hoarding Cases

According to Sgt. Kevin Rooney, the law enforcement has never seen so many cases of animal hoarding in such a short period of time. Although they could not account what it might be, it looks like to the officials that something strange is going on. There shouldn’t be a significant increase of animal hoarding cases […]

Hoarding Disorder: An Actual Mental Health Problem

Now that spring is finally here and you find yourself unable to discard some of your worthless possessions, you might be one of those millions of Americans who suffer from hoarding disorder. According to experts, hoarding is an emerging issue because its first symptoms typically worsen as the person ages. Unfortunately, hoarding disorder is a […]

The Challenge of Treating Hoarding Disorder

Two years after the pioneer program was introduced by the Franklin County Environmental Court, mental health experts are yet to witness its first success story. Although they acknowledge the struggle of implementing the program, court officials remain confident that the program will eventually succeed. The hoarding program, which was implemented in 2014, targets the underlying […]

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