Pointers for Efficient Home Organization

While a loved one’s hoarding behavior is a complicated matter that may be difficult to discuss and address, taking simple steps, such as working on a home organization project, may be of great help.
Jump start the New Year with these home organization pointers:
  1. If you don’t use it, lose it.
  2. Downsize your paperwork.
  3. Prioritize areas based on traffic.
  4. Make organization fun.
  5. Commit to maintain.
  6. Reward yourself.
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I am so impressed with the job that Gregg and Karen did for my aunt's home. Not only did they take the time to explain thorougly what they were going to do, but they did EXACTLY as they promised.

We never expected to get the sales price for the house that we ended up getting. If you had seen my aunt's home before they started, you would know why. By the time the job was done, the house looked totally transformed.

Needless to say... I highly recommend their services!

Nancy G.
Randolph, New Jersey