New Disabilities Coming to the Workplace Include Hoarding and other Disorders

New Disabilities Coming to the Workplace Include Hoarding and other DisordersNewly-recognized disabilities may be included in the protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA). These include disruptive mood disregulation disorder, hoarding disorder, and binge eating disorder.

The American Psychiatric Association, DSM-5 amended the classification and criteria of mental disorders for the first time since 1994. Known as the psychiatrists’ “Bible”, the DSM-5 was revealed in May but the pressure on the ADAAA has only started with pressure on HR departments around the country. Chicago attorney Douglas Hass noted in interview and his published article on the topic that the manual was given “almost unquestioning deference” by the courts in employment cases.

The APA also noted other new conditions with skepticism suggesting that more research needs to be done before they are considered formal disorders. These conditions include non-suicidal self-injury, apathy disorder, internet addiction disorder, and suicidal behavioral disorder.

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